This week we speak to Kiki, Founder of Kiki Kirby Coaching + Consultancy. In this episode we find out:

  • the types of project run by Kiki and her team
  • Kiki’s secrets for successful project delivery
  • what to do when projects go wrong
  • how to reward a team for project success, and
  • what exciting projects Kiki has planned for the future

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About Kiki

With a successful corporate career in HR and recruitment, I have seen my fair share of people challenges. Having worked for over a decade in consultancy, coaching and recruitment, my whole career has been about people at various stages of their professional lives.

The challenges that leaders and managers face with talent really came into focus when I worked for a large recruiter in the UK. Being repeatedly the highest biller and a solid top performer, I was largely left to keep bringing the revenue in. All of a sudden I burnt out – a shock to both myself and those I worked for. I had to be signed off work for 6 months.

This lived experience taught me two things 1) That employee wellbeing and health must be a priority to maintain high performance over time and 2) Top talent is likely to be neglected and left until it’s just too late.

As I came back to work, I moved into coaching and consultancy. I’ve worked on some fantastically complex people issues – mergers, IT contractor changes, a lack of leadership capability. In all of these, I found I loved to bring clarity and transformation to a chaotic situation. 

With more clients, I’ve been able to build my own small team and pull together a brilliant network of associates. Now I can truly practice what I preach. I can be proactive with both my own and my team’s wellbeing. I can ensure they have career plans and are continually engaged. I can make work fun.

And this means we’re the best team to help others do the same.

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