Watching Stormzy this weekend at Glastonbury got us thinking about the attitude of the project manager. His anthem ‘Big for your boots’ is about the consequences over growing overconfident and arrogant. This is something that could afflict a project manager if they perceive the role as powerful. The risks associated with such a stance are many:

  • Disenfranchise team members
  • Failure to take on ideas and perspectives from others, believing yours to be the only ones that matter
  • Poor stakeholder engagement
  • Failure to understand user needs – just prioritising your own guesses at what matters, over actually talking to users
  • Failure to take proper account of risks

The project manager is more at risk of taking on these traits in a hierarchical command and control type environment.

Nothing boosts the ego more than a huge structure chart with your name at the top

As you can probably tell, at Done Eight, we prefer the servant leader model. We like flat structures, where everyone’s views are valued and respected. We like to work in small teams with high levels of autonomy and accountability. These tend to drive very different behaviours – a more collaborative and empowered approach for everyone.

Love to hear your thoughts on great traits for project managers.

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