On Twitter this week I asked:

‘Who (excluding family members) helped most to further your career and how did they do that?’


The responses included:

  • former managers and colleagues
  • an acknowledgement that we have to take personal responsibility for our own continued personal growth
  • and the fact that we can learn equally from good and bad examples of ‘how to do work’

My answer to the question is much the same – I’ve been influenced by everyone I’ve ever worked with:

  • Some really good teachers and lecturers
  • Colleagues (senior, junior and peers)
  • People from partner organisations that I’ve done joint delivery with
  • People I volunteer with

I’ve also learned a lot from people that I’ve never worked with as I like to ask people about their careers and the things they’ve learned along the way.

I’ve learned a lot from ‘the doing‘ but I’ve also benefited from a small number of more senior colleagues who’ve been there and done that many times over, who have taken the time to listen to my challenges and offer advice – you might call them coaches! The generosity of these people has been a massive positive influence. It’s so important to have an experienced confidant who can be a neutral sounding board for when things get a bit messy.

So my advice to anyone who wants to ‘get on‘ is to seek out those generous, more experienced souls who are happy to partner with you on your growth journey.

At Done Eight we offer a coaching service for everyone. We’d love to have a free virtual coffee with you to help you with your journey. If that’s of interest please say hi!

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